The Surfing Florida Museum is made up of people who share a common passion for the ocean and surfing.

All surfers share a common bond. Surfing legend Ricky Grigg describes his passion for the ocean and wave riding in this way

"A lot of people talk about surfing as the ultimate pleasure, well it certainly has been, and is still the ultimate pleasure for me, but that's at the first level of my love, my joy of surfing. To me it's the ultimate obsession. The reason it's an obsession and the ultimate pleasure is that it goes deeper than just fun, it goes deeper than joy, it goes to your soul. In fact, it tells you who you are.
The ocean defines freedom for you, it makes you realize when you are first out there that you make up the rules, you can decide who you are, you can live the life that you want to live, it's not their rules, it's your rules, and suddenly you are liberated, it makes you who you are, it's more than liberation, it's more than freedom, it identifies you, it empowers you, and that's why it's an obsession."


These volunteers are dedicated to preserving and displaying Florida's rich surfing history.

Fred Salmon
Corky Roche
Tom Warnke
Bill Keeton
Scott McCranels
Doug Bogue
David Mowry
Dana Jones
Troy Sloan
Daniel Lofaso
Matt Prince
Sean Ferreira
John Scotten
Dimitri Kjos
Phil Parker
Craig B. Snyder

Advisory Committee

David Aaron, Paul Aho, Tony Arruza, Bob Baggett, Chris Birch, Jimmy Buffett, Dick Catri (D-2017), Corky Carroll, Ricky Carroll, Cheyne Cottrell, Bill Davis, Pete and Deb Dooley, Rod Faulds, Don French, Sue French, David Hand, Barry Haun, Ron Heavyside, Ryan Heavyside, C.J. Hobgood, Damien Hobgood, Bob and Bruce Humphries, Carmen Irving, Hunter Joslin, Matt Kechele, William Kimball, Charlie Kuhn, Cecil Lear, Shea Lopez, Nico Lugo, Phil Marinelli, Chum McCranels, Peter Mendia, Bob Mignona, Jimmy Moren, Kristy Murphy, Dan Murray, Shawn Murray, Steve and Debbee Pezman, Justin Quintal, David Reese, Phil Roberts, Bob Rohmann, Frank Sloan, Paul Strauch, Jamie Stuve, John Tate, Peter Townend, James Weiland.